Hard times

So…..on friday at morning i went to school. I had 6 lessons and i had fun. Anyway…..after school i had a little practice for my final…..( i got into final with my group …it’s somekind of fashion thing)……anyway when it was over i went to my bff-s place we had a lot of fun there. After that we had to go to school couse we had a ” movie night” or something there and it was my first time in there so….yeah. Anyway i had alot of fun there and it was so cool. In the morning i went back to my bff-s place ….i was tired but what ever…..then i had to go to the padgents or what ever i dont know how to write it but…yeah i had the final and….me and my group were the last in our age group ….but…what ever i had alot of fun and….after that i went home to sleep than i woke up at 23 a clock in the night and i went back to sleep again and….than i woke up in the morning and ….yeah i made the tumblr account and…yeah here i am!!! :-D